Another Camp Complete!

On behalf of the Ultimate Kids Team, we would like to thank you all for joining us over the past two weeks during our April Ultimate Kids Camp.

All of the children brought so much energy each day onto camp and we were extremely impressed with the physical, social and emotional growth they made each day. Drawing special attention to our latest venue, we would like to say a special thank you to those who joined us in Warrington's Sports For All - our first time launching an Ultimate Kids Camp in this area. All of the Warrington children and parents welcomed us with a massive smile and the camp was a huge success… and yes, we will be back soon! We'd love to hear how you found it if you wouldn't mind leaving a little review:

Bookings for not only our next Ultimate Kids Camp in May, but also all of our camps over summer are now live and you can book using the following link:

Also, to make things a little more organised on the social media front, we have now created location based Facebook groups so you can all join and build a more close-knit community with both ourselves and other parents in your area. These groups have allowed us to share daily updates during camp week including images and videos of what your little ones are getting up to. You can also chat between yourselves, ask us any questions or share your photos within these groups depending on which camp your child attends - Warrington, Formby or Seaforth. To join just click:

Finally, we thought we'd leave you with some photos of our April Ultimate Kids Camp, see you all soon and yet again THANK YOU for all of the support!

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