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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Here at Ultimate Kids we are continuously striving to build a team and family that believe in our mission as a brand and organisation. With that being said, we want to welcome a few members of the team that have recently joined our journey.

P.S We apologise for not having pictures of the new staff just yet so we will leave you with the beautiful polaroid of Kieran!

Emily Wood (Marketing & Creative Manager)

Emily has recently joined the team and has taken over the role as a marketing & creative manager. With her educational background, experience and bubbly personality we believe Emily is the perfect addition to the Ultimate Kids family to help keep all you lovely parents updated online and to also give you all some sneak peaks into whats going on here at Ultimate Kids.

Decklan McMahon (Sports Coach)

Decklan has join the team at the age of just 18 with lots of potential to be an outstanding sport coach. He is well ahead of the curve for his age in relation to previous experience and work ethic and we can not wait to see how much he grows as an individual over the coming years. Decklan will be working alongside Liam and Chris on a daily basis to help further develop his skillset. He recently worked a full Ultimate Kids Camp at Seaforth and the children and parents loved him!

Georgia Redman-Daly (Ultimate Kids Camp Assistant)

Georgia is looking to gain some extra experience within the sports coaching industry whilst completing sixth form. She was welcomed on to one of our Ultimate Kids Camps recently where the Ultimate Kids Team worked closely with her to help give her as much feedback and support as possible in order to progress. She is a natural with the younger age groups and we are sure you will see more of her on future Ultimate Kids Camps.

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