Encourage Failure!!

I think this is a little something that all parents need to read and watch. As a professional within the sports industry this principal is needed now, more than ever. I see a lack of involvement and successes within sports is more paramount in this current day and age.

Although, the world is finally get back to some what normal after the global pandemic, the fear of failure is still very much with us, especially within ages 4-11 years. I would like you all to flip your mindset towards failure and start to encourage your children to try new things and to fail! This will help them overcome the fear of starting something later on in life.

The fear of failure is the reason many individuals do not succeed and many not even start. In order to continuously progress, you must learn and in order to learn you must fail, then and only then can you make progress.

There is a difference between failing and being a ‘failure’. If you fail at something and try again that is progression but if you fail at something and quiet that is failure.

With that being said, I challenge you to question your children everyday they come home from school in a different way to the cliche, ‘How was school?’ And now ask them ‘What did you fail at today?’. If your child has failed at something in school that day, give them a high five and praise them before helping to explain to them why they failed and help them understand the lesson to be learnt from the situation to progress. If that haven’t failed at something that day in school ask them ‘What held them back from trying something new?’.

If at first this doesn’t seem to get much response and feels a little weird to you all, trust the process and stick to it. You will see a completely different child in the coming weeks, months and years with consistency of the encouragement to failure. Your child will be more open minded, will be more receptive to change, will be able to communicate their feelings better, build better relationships and of course continually progress in anything they wish.

As a sports professional, this principal will allow coaches all over the world to continuously push the limits of their aspiring athletes in more ways than ever, resulting in new high standards across all fields.

I leave you with this short YouTube video to watch, they may be able to express and explain this a little better than me…

Let me know what you think by getting in touch with us and referencing ‘Encourage Failure’

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